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Employee engagement starts with empowerment. Give your team a voice in how their workplace works and build the company culture of your dreams.

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Workplace changes shouldn’t be daunting. DORIS finds the answers to complex problems by engaging the people who know your space best: your team. We’ll help you build a productive workplace and an engaging culture.
“Workplace Research” may be an unfamiliar term. Simply, it’s working with real people to understand what makes their spaces (and, by extension, their teams) effective. Below are a few real world examples.

Real world problems that we have helped solve.

Future Office Space

As we prepare for the future, our leadership wants to understand what employees value in order to strategically invest in their future. We as leaders want to build a shared vision for their workplace and collect data about how people are working today.

Current Office Space

We as leaders want to understand how we might utilize our current space more effectively. We are rapidly growing and want a space that supports collaboration, as well as indivudial working styles, in order to empower people to do their best work. 

College Campus

We are interested in understanding the use of our classrooms, labs, and lecture halls on campus in order to leverage the best use of the spaces for our faculty, students, and staff.

Does your organization relate to any of these? Call on us, the experts, to help solve your workplace challenges with your team!