Every good leader knows this truth:

Innovate or die. But the word “innovation” can be, at best, annoying, and, at worst, terrifying. What the hell does it actually mean to be “innovative”? To me, innovation means being intentionally creative, producing something new that is useful to other people, solving a problem they either did or did not know they had.

But first, employees have to be comfortable believing they can be and are creative.

As the founder of DORIS Research, a workplace research firm that uses design thinking to solve challenges, I’ve spent my career working with organizations to identify how to create the best possible environment for their people, an environment that encourages them to find their own innovation and creativity. These environments have to be a combination of tangible, physical workplace elements and intangible cultural elements that value and reward generative thinking.

Click the link below to read about six ways companies can spur creativity—some of the most common threads we’ve discovered from years of empowering leaders to create effective workplaces for their unique workflow.

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