Insights from Experts

Keeping things simple, we provide actionable insights so you can make confident decisions. We do it with people at the forefront and with design in mind.

Nobody else in the industry gives you the level of detail and insight that DORIS does. We collect data so you can make effective decisions about your organization’s future.

Using a design thinking process and our own unique tools, our research provides a deep dive into your organization’s space today and in the future.

We go beyond best practices with our commitment to people-centered, customized experiences.


With Readiness, DORIS includes all employees in successfully navigating the transition to their new workplace.

Using a comprehensive suite of employee engagement opportunities, we build change competency and co-create the future workplace together. Our design thinking toolbox means no one gets left behind or left out.

Readiness is easily scalable with ample opportunities for customization. We do the work up front to make sure you and your employees are ready.


Was your workplace renovation or move into a new space worth it? Did it positively affect productivity or overall satisfaction?

During Reflection, DORIS can answer these questions, and more! This service is geared toward evaluating a new or updated workplace and connecting those changes to your workplace culture and morale.

By using both quantitative and qualitative data gathering techniques, DORIS provides valuable insights into the workplace that create a one-to-one comparison of the previous workplace and the new one.


The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed the way we work and live. Now that we’re adjusting to the new landscape, there are still a lot of questions. What’s next? What does our workplace look like now? Who’s making these decisions? 

Through Revitalization, DORIS supports organizations in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and re-entry to the workplace with a people-centered, engaging process. We create a custom package that empowers you to navigate your own specific challenges and changes.

The changes you make now should last long into the future.