DORIS Arizona
Phoenix, AZ


LEED AP, NCIDQ #022325 Prosci®, Change Practitioner

Operating Principal

Karen is a midwest transplant from Maumee, Ohio and moved to sunny Arizona in 2004.  She’s a wife to Tom (who she says is still the funniest person she’s ever met), a mom to Luke & Charlie (four year old identical twin boys), and a dog mom to Lucy (a mini-golden doodle).  

By profession, Karen is an Interior Designer and spent the first half of her career in the Phoenix market leading and designing corporate workplace projects. She spent five years with Knoll as the Architecture & Design Manager where she found a passion in engaging employees and giving them a voice in the design of their new workplace. With 19 years in the commercial real estate industry, Karen brings a unique perspective to workplace research. 

One of the questions that kept me up at night was, how are these organizations determining the ‘Why’ behind their new workplace? With the huge amount of time, resources, and finances spent on real estate, design, construction, furniture, technology, etc, how are companies creating a workplace that they know will work for their people? And that’s why I finally reached out to DORIS.

After reading everything she could about workplace research and spending countless hours combing through the DORIS website, Karen reached out to Sam Julka to learn more.

DORIS’ mission is to be the voice of the people that matter and to give leadership the data they need to make informed decisions about the workplace. Karen quickly realized that this was a service that would greatly benefit organizations in Arizona and brought DORIS to the valley.

Words cannot express how grateful I am every day to get to work with a team that’s true mission and purpose is to be a voice of the people that matter. Getting to help organizations create their ‘Why’ for their new workplace and vision that leadership can get behind, is what drives me every day.

“For two years, we discussed our long term real estate strategy and, quite frankly, we were headed down the wrong path. After engaging the DORIS team and being armed with the data they provided, we quickly pivoted direction, vacated our existing building, and moved into our new Willmeng corporate headquarters where everyone was under one roof. This was the right decision for our people and our company’s future and DORIS was pivotal in this decision.” 

James Murphy, CEO, Willmeng

“Karen Jarvis is quickly become our go-to resource for listening – intently! – to our employees. I have been incredibly impressed with her team’s ability to synthesize complex data and present it back in easy-to-digest, actionable recommendations.”

Adam Goodman, President and CEO, Goodmans