Change doesn't need to be hard. We make it easy.
Get Ready
What We Do

Rely on us to support your organization as you navigate any change to your physical space. That change might involve moving to a new building, renovating a current one, or even moving from assigned workstations to free address.

DORIS provides everything from communication to the entire organization about the build change competency.

How We Do It

We have a comprehensive suite of tools and engagement opportunities that bring people together to prepare for change and navigate it successfully.

Readiness is extremely customizable, so the package that we put together for your organization will be based on what you actually need.

What You Get

You get a dedicated Readiness Coach who will work with your internal teams  through your organization’s needs.

“People felt like their voices were being heard and that the things being implemented were a direct result of what they had said. This resulted in a seamless move. Now, people are happier and our space better reflects the type and quality of work we do.” – Leadership Team


Is this change management?

Not exactly! We know that no one likes to be “managed.” Instead, the philosophy behind Readiness is to prepare people to excel in their new workplace, actively involving people in the process instead of passively reporting back at them. We think of it as walking alongside each other throughout the duration of the project.

How long can you work with us?

However long you need us! Think of Readiness like Netflix. Just like you pay a monthly subscription fee to watch your favorite TV shows, you will subscribe to a Readiness package. And, again, just like Netflix, if you need to shorten, extend, or even pause your subscription, we can do that, too! We know that sometimes project timelines can be unpredictable, so we’ve modeled our service to mitigate that.

What will our Readiness package look like?

Our first step will be to talk to you about the change your organization is getting ready for, and what kind of help you need. Then, we will create a custom package just for you. Some things we might ask about include how many people work at your organization and how long you think it might take.


Unlike more traditional change management services, DORIS focuses on the people who are experiencing the change. Our services are all derived from design thinking and human-centered design, so at every step of the way, we are using our expertise to meaningfully engage people at all levels of your organization. We want to give your people the skills to not just successfully navigate this change, but all changes they might tackle in the future.

What's next!?

Let’s Reflect (link to the page). The best never stop measuring! Once you are in your new space, whether for 3 months, 6 months, or a year, it’s a great time to measure if you’ve moved the needle and what small adjustments you might need to make to ensure the best keeps getting better.