Give your space the performance review it deserves.
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What We Do

After a change is made to a space, there are constant adjustments that need to be made to keep it performing at its best. And over time, businesses grow and change. We are here to gauge where people are at anytime. Reflection is a condensed form of Research intended to benchmark back to your Research project.

How We Do It

We meet with leadership, survey stakeholders, and perform a usability study every 6 months or yearly to regularly pulse check how your people are doing. 

What You Get

Metrics that tell you how your workplace is performing, potentially compared back to what it was like before. You are constantly in the know, and your people feel regularly heard and supported. You get the ability to make small fixes before they become big problems.

“The DORIS project was such a great experience-getting our associates involved to find out what they desired in an office space, but also basing recommendations on research (what people want vs. what they need, etc. to make an amazingly innovative, collaborative, tech-enabled space! Awesome job to the DORIS team.”

– Leadership Team


Can I just do this instead of a full Research project?

We suggest that if it is your first time with us, we start with a full Research project. Readiness builds on what we accomplish in Research, and sets the baseline for all benchmarking we will do during Reflection.

Why should I pay for this again and again?

The simplest answer is that things change. As your employees get more comfortable in their space or you onboard new people, it’s important to stay engaged so you know how people feel and use their workplace. Consistently keeping in touch with them through Reflection gives you the opportunity to let them know you are keeping their needs at the forefront. 

When is the best time to start Reflection?

We recommend that you start Reflection 3 months after you move into your new or updated space, then repeat 6 months after that. After that, yearly intervals are great!

What's next?

Don’t go anywhere! DORIS always has new things on the horizon. Keep in touch and you’re sure to see something interesting!