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How covid-19 affects the workplace

Back to Work Survey

Whether you’re just starting your re-entry plan or people are fully back in the workplace, new insights from DORIS Research can empower you to make a successful return.

Our anonymous survey included 1,138 stakeholders from 27 states across the U.S. plus 1 Canadian Province and 21 industries. No one demographic group feels fully ready to return to the workplace, and there are clear best practices for leadership to follow when creating their plan for re-entry.

Lack of childcare is one of the top limitations to returning to work.

In a response to an open-ended question, 14% of respondents listed taking care of their children as a limitation.

Etiquette around shared resources is the most important sanitation measure workplaces can implement.

Surface cleaning and physical distancing were ranked as the next two most important.

People without a dedicated workspace at home are less satisfied with their ability to collaborate.

Those working from spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms less satisfied with their setup and collaboration.


When you go back, we’ve got your back.

What We Do

As you’re figuring out how your workplace needs to change in the era of COVID-19, DORIS is here to help. Revitalization includes all levels of employees in establishing new behaviors and norms for your organization.  You’re equipped with an actionable plan for re-entry no matter when it happens.

How We Do It

We are here for you and your employees before, during, and after their re-entry to the workplace. Revitalization is an all-encompassing service including workshops, data collection, policy development, and move-in support. All of it is customizable and suited to your organization’s exact needs.

What You Get

Revitalization is scalable and uniquely tailored to your organization. You get a customized package with a monthly subscription rate. We provide guidance on internal communication and timing, and engage employees through a variety of workshops and events, complemented by data collection to inform workplace strategy,

A dedicated Revitalization Coach will help determine the timing and execution.


I'm not sure when or who is moving back in , does this still apply?


We already know when we're moving back in, does this still apply?

Sure does!

How long does this last?

Because this is a monthly subscription package, the short answer is: as long as you want! However, we do recommend at least 6 months of engagement to fully cover the journey to a new norm in the age of COVID-19.

    What happens when?

    Throughout Revitalization, your organization will work with a dedicated Revitalization Coach. This person will be responsible for ensuring that everything included in  your package happens at the right time. Because so much is changing every day, we know it’s not always practical to plan too far ahead. However, your dedicated Revitalization Coach will bring their expertise to the table and make sure the timing for your communications, workshops, events, or whatever else happens at the right time for your people.

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