Trend studies
Curious to know what is happening in the workplace? What brings employees into the office? What factors create attraction and retention?” Take a look at some of our studies to keep up with what’s happening in your industry.

What’s Up Remote

DORIS was commissioned to collect data in 5 research areas: collaboration, creativity, innovation, strategy, and productivity; focusing specifically on what each would look like in a post-COVID 19 world. There is a need to adapt, innovate, and push the workplace forward to the future. The goal was to find answers to the questions, “Will we all move remote?” “What will offices look like moving forward?”; all the while, sparking creativity and innovation within each organization to imagine their future workplace; whether that be at home in, the office, or both! Below are the project stats from our study sample.

  • Work from the office 25% 25%
  • Work from home 32% 32%
  • Hybrid 43% 43%





System of Organizational Care

DORIS began with 5 words: Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Strategy, and Productivity. After data collection, a clear system of interdependence emerged, showing that when one part of the system changes or is affected, the others all change. One must understand their organization’s system in order to best plan and support it.

Hello Hybrid

So you want to support a more flexible work model. Great!

A “hybrid” model will allow you to maximize innovation, collaboration, and individual productivity. Most importantly, attraction and retention will sore because employees will want to work for you.

We’ve done the research and compiled the results. Now we’re developing a playbook that will help you navigate the future of the workplace.

This is not a report! We’ve taken rich research, through anthropological methods, to help you make actionable decisions around the hybrid work environment.





Your Workplace Playbook

This playbook will help you and your organization navigate the future of the workplace surrounding the hybrid work environment. You will be able to make actionable decisions and implement long lasting solutions for you and your team.

“I wanted to thank you both again for the engaging and productive Design Thinking workshop you presented to Trifoia today. I was excited to hear from you and, as I expressed during the workshop, I very much appreciate the way you used the Google Suite to have an engaging process for us. You exceeded my expectations for this meeting. Thank you for your time and work on our behalf.” – Trifoia Leadership Team


What does flexibility mean to your organization?
  • Are you a 24/7 facility or is there a range of hours M-F?
  • What happens if someone’s calendar shows them available but they are not?
  • What if an associate’s calendar is full M-Th, but not Friday?

How much remote will you allow?
  • Will there be a schedule or do employees have complete freedom?
  • Are there certain days/meetings that all employees need to be in the office? How is this communicated?
  • Are there certain days that are off limits?

If WFH becomes more permanent, do the expectations from your organization change?
  • Is the dog barking in the background OK?
  • What if the children remain at home?
  • How do you feel about the visibility of an associate working from his/her bedroom long term?

Organizationally, is the organization trained to lead/manage differently?
  • Does your onboarding change?
  • How do you effectively mentor and develop an employee?
  • Are your managers prepared to manage outcomes versus managing people?

Do your facility and real estate need changed?
  • Will you free address? How will you reserve space? Do you need a consistent docking station?
  • If board rooms are meant for information sharing and small meeting rooms are meant to collaborate, do you convert your board rooms and use Zoom to share information?
  • Will you minimize your real estate footprint or invest in it to create a destination-worthy workplace?

Have you thought about changes to your technology platform?
  • Are you prepared for every workstation to become a Zoom station? Will you need more noise mitigation?
  • How will you manage 2 people from a conference room and several from remote locations? That has proven challenging thus far.
  • If technology isn’t seamless, a 10-minute meeting delay could cost hundreds if not thousands, of dollars.