Workplace Assessment
Action through knowledge. Results through research.
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Attraction, Retention, and Space

Your business is a system, and understanding the whole picture is a necessity. With a DORIS Workplace Assessment, organizations are equipped with information explaining how their space needs to flex to the needs of their current workforce. Stop guessing and start making decisions about space through data-driven insights.

Your Workplace Assessment Engagements

We use design research methods to gather their unique ideas and rapidly test them through prototyping.

Planning Meeting

We have a 60 minute meeting with the project leader. This could be the CEO, office manager, facilities, head of HR, real estate director, etc. We see this person as the steward of the workplace, tasked with making it work well for the organization and all the employees.

30 minute one-on-one interviews

We conduct 30 minute one-on-one interviews with a stakeholder sample of 25 people. We help you select a diverse sample to achieve quality insights. 

Ideation and prototyping workshop

We convene our 25 stakeholder sample in a 90 minute workshop to collect data on the future. We use methods to gather their unique ideas and rapidly test them through prototyping. 

Data review meeting

We hold our final 60 minute meeting with the project leader to deliver an insights document and facilitate them through a planning process. 

What you Get

At the end of your assessment, we enable a steward of an organization’s space to have clear direction on the following:

  • What to lean into and keep doing
  • What to adjust for a quick win
  • What to begin planning for long term
  • What to stop doing