Their new workspace, dubbed KSMC111, is the product of an intensive and methodical research and creative effort to produce an environment that will continue to foster and inspire this innovation-based excellence — within and outside of its walls. In 2017, having reached capacity in their existing space, they began to grow momentum around the vision of their next office as a destination to bring their clients into the creative process and a vanguard of evolving, collaborative work environments.

In an expanding landscape of coffee shops, highly connected home offices, collaborative incubators, and membership based drop-in work environments — where does that leave the office as we know it?

To answer these questions and forge an informed path ahead, KSMC engaged two partners that are leaders in design thinking methodologies: DORIS Research, a human-centered workplace research firm and DELV Design, an architecture and interior design firm that relentlessly seeks alignment between the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of physical environments. Through the design process we learned how valuable choice and flexibility were to employees. “If I could work anywhere, why would I want to work here?” was the question the design was compelled to answer since KSMC has such a large population of ‘nomadic’ workers. To embrace the diversity of employee preferences, a variety of spaces emerged: from luxe and sophisticated to fun and quirky, and everything in between.

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This is an excerpt from a KSMC case study.