Results Through Research
We wouldn't be researchers without interesting data to share. And we wouldn't be a company if that data didn't lead to compelling outcomes. Then we'd "just" be researchers. Check out some of our clients' stories below.
Clif Bar - Indianapolis, IN
How do you create a cohesive space for a diverse workforce? As Clif Bar prepared for a renovation of their office and Bakery space, they knew they wanted the outcome to reflect their values in every square inch.
MJ Insurance - Carmel, IN
How can you insure that your current space is meeting the needs of your employees? MJ Insurance  wanted to know how they might leverage an updated space to attract and retain associates so they could grow and thrive.
Butler University - Indianapolis, IN
What happens when you need a space for students and professionals to be able to collaborate? Butler University wanted to define what the future of the Lacy School of Business’ Innovation Commons might look like for students and professionals. 
CICF - Indianapolis, IN
Not-for-profit organizations empower communities and Central Indiana Community Foundation want to do the same for their employees. Together we focused on fostering collaboration, culture, and autonomy in their workplace, helping employees do their best work while serving those who fight the good fight throughout central Indiana.
KSMC/Resultant - Indianapolis, IN
DORIS and KSMC/Resultant have an ongoing relationship that began in 2016. Over the years, we’ve partnered to conduct multiple services with KSMC— Research (twice), Readiness, Reflection, and, now, Revitalization— supporting them during various changes to their physical workplace, as well as through remote and hybrid working environments.