Design Thinking: The DORIS Process
At DORIS, We pride ourselves on our people-centered, methodical research approach. In order to create a consistently delightful outcome, DORIS uses a problem solving method called design thinking. While design thinking is not unique to DORIS, we use our own process, which has developed over years of iteration and refinement.

What is Design Thinking?

At its core, design thinking is a process for solving complex problems. That’s it! 

For some background, design thinking originated in social sciences, as academics distilled an effective technique for tackling complicated challenges related to the design of cities and communities. In the past decade or so, design thinking has been popularized by its use to develop innovative tech products by companies like IBM, LEGO, and Microsoft.

Design thinking is a process that can be used to create basically anything: products, spaces, programs, services, communities, even a party!

There are many variations of the design thinking process. Different groups have tailored it for their specific needs. For example, DORIS has developed a process specifically for workplace research, while other firms have tailored the process for product invention and improvement.

What is the “Design” in Design Thinking?

There is a common misconception that design thinking only refers to visual design, such as website layout. In reality, the “design” in design thinking includes everything from physical products to communities to abstract experiences.

”We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.” 

Dr. Prabhjot Singh

Director of Systems Design, Earth Institute