Climbing to the Top


CLIF Bar leadership recognized an opportunity when they saw one. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana they knew they needed to improve their space after a recent acquisition. Moreover, as the people-centered leaders they are, they used this large space improvement as a moment to create a workplace that supports their culture  AND the culture of the individuals they employ.

Culture and values are of particular importance to CLIF Bar and their Five Aspirations Model – a model upon which they wanted to build their company culture.  They specifically faced challenges related to language barriers and intercultural differences (sound overwhelming?!).

Instead of shying away from those, they leveraged DORIS’ research to better understand space utilization, efficiency, employee morale, culture, and values. Armed with information, and partnered with CSO Architects, they created a workplace that celebrates their people and their work.


Data Steward

 “You told us up front you weren’t interior designers or architects so you were able to focus solely on collecting our data. I also appreciated being broken out into smaller groups – it actually made me feel heard and I was able to easily state my opinions.”

Thor Geisler
Controls Engineer

“I was part of the construction process. During that, it felt like we were always using information from the DORIS report, and always referencing it through the design process. No one does what you guys do – getting to people’s emotions, opinions, and taking all that feedback into consideration. It’s amazing what that can do.”

Sanitation Team

“The new breakroom is my favorite space. It oversees the entire outside that overlooks the scenery outside. CLIF also brought in round tables which is great for the Burmese culture because we bring large plates of food to share with everyone at lunch. I feel really appreciated and happy to have my culture acknowledged in the place that I work.

DORIS thinks CLIF Bar is great.

Well of course we do, Hungry Yet Fed is one of our values, and we do love a CLIF Bar. The value alignment DORIS and CLIF Bar have created a continual relationship. As CLIF Bar strategizes their real estate in California and how it might best support their Research and Development group, we continue working together.