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We seek creative and innovative experts that are ready to make a difference in workplace research.
Are you DORISly?
DORIS’ mission is to help the doers do better. What does that mean exactly? We listen to the voice of the people who matter in order to help leaders make better decisions and any implementers of change make better choices in those implementations.

Well you are reading this page because you’re interested in working at DORIS and we’re interested in you. Working with DORIS means partnering with organizations to help them better understand how their office spaces are used and what changes can be made to enhance employee experience. DORIS employees have a willingness at their core to live in the ambiguous nature of gaining insights and providing solutions to clients, both externally and internally. To pass go, you need to connect with the DORIS mission and values and have a desire to fully participate in the organizational community. This includes, but not limited to, active engagement, a positive outlook, and working diligently. (Plus a love for lunch!)

Sound like a good fit for you? Keep reading for the common skills and qualities of DORIS employees. Don’t worry if you prefer an environment that is more…well Corporate and linear. No hard feelings.

Skills and Qualifications for Each DORIS employee:

  • Aligns with DORIS values, can speak to 
    • Lead with Listening
    • Hungry yet Fed
    • Intellect + Wit
    • Ambiguity + Grit   
  • We work together and collaborate a lot. A DORIS employee must be a team player and an independent worker at times.
  • Take initiative to support the team
  • Self motivated. We do not micromanage here at DORIS, so each person must be a self-starter
  • Ready to jump into roles as needed within a small organization
  • Exceptionally organized multitasker
  • Meets deadlines and works efficiently
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills – Attention to detail is key!
  • Proficient with the Google Suite of Applications 
  • Curious and interested in learning

If this sounds like you would be a good fit, keep scrolling to see the available positions!

Research Interviewer (Contract Position)

As a Research Interviewer, you are an empathetic and curious individual. You collect research data by conducting interviews either on-site or in a virtual setting. You will conduct these one-on-one interviews in an unbiased manner by checking personal opinions at the door – whether an actual door or a virtual one! A DORIS interviewer represents us on a contract basis and leads with listening and excels in entering information quickly and accurately.


  • Responsible for qualitative data collection
  • Meets with individuals for 30 minutes at a time one-on-one asking questions from a prepared set of questions
  • Enters data into a web-based form
  • Ability to commit to a one or two hour training prior to the interviewing process
  • Regularly checks in with the project team, communicating progress and updates

Skills and Qualifications:

  • No degree required
  • Proficient with technology, web conferencing, and screen sharing
  • Punctual and reliable
Research Assistant (Contract Position)

As Research Assistant, your role is to provide on-site research data collection for usability studies. This data collection includes walking a predetermined and set path to observe behaviors and the number of people in specified points. After which, you will  then enter that information into a mobile application. You represent DORIS at a client site on a contract basis.


  • Responsible for quantitative data collection 
  • Must arrive 15 minutes prior to the first round 
  • Works 9 hours per day, with 45 minutes out of every hour physically walking
  • Enters data into a mobile app, then uploads that data hourly after entry
  • Can commit to a four hour training in advance of the usability study
  • Regularly communicates back with the project team, checking in and updating progress

Skills and Qualifications:

  • No degree required
  • Proficient with mobile technology
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Can walk a repetitive path hourly for 10 days
  • Genuine interest and love of connecting/engaging with people
  • Exceptional communication and collaborative skills