Turning workplace insights into workable solutions.
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What We Do

We use a design thinking process with our own proprietary tools, engaging people from all levels of an organization to collect data about the physical space today and leverage it for future solutions

How We Do It

People are at the very core of what we do and how we do it. We engage leadership and stakeholders in interviews, usability studies, ideation, and prototyping sessions.

What You Get

Organizations receive individualized actionable solutions that they can take forward into the next phases of their process as well as the unique opportunity to include everyone in the process. It’s a win-win-win!

“Thank you for the thoughtful work by everyone on the DORIS team. It is clearly having a positive impact, not only on those of us making decisions, but those who just want to be heard.” – Executive Leadership


What kind of research does DORIS do?

We partner qualitative and quantitative data to tell the whole story. Our rigorous data collection and analysis techniques lead to reports that are individualized to each client and are not one-size fits all. The challenges and solutions are all yours.

What can we do with the data?

After participating in our research process, organizations are equipped with information and energized to continue into the next phase. We partner well with architects and designers; we don’t do what they do in the same way that they do it. They can use our information to inform their planning and design.

Why doesn't DORIS use sensors and surveys for my research?
  • Sensors can give you information on how often rooms are used and the duration. DORIS’ usability studies give you this PLUS the behaviors in the room AND can be tailored to collect data specific to your organization’s specific interests.

  • Individual interviews create an atmosphere of trust and confidence when we are collecting data. Having DORIS researchers on site, we can best understand the Why behind the How.
What's next?

It doesn’t stop here! We have your back and are ready to partner with you for the duration. The next step is to ready your employees for the change to their physical space and we will be right there with you along the way.