The DORIS Story
Design Oriented Research for Impactful Solutions

DORIS was created as the solution to a challenge. Our founder, Sam Julka, believed there had to be a better way to create work environments.

As she researched people-centered solutions to common workplace woes, she designed a toolkit of valuable research methods, and DORIS was born!

Since our founding in 2012, DORIS has worked with over 100 organizations and over 10,000 stakeholders across the country. We’ve worked with a wide range of industries, from corporate businesses to manufacturing to higher education. Over the years, we’ve also expanded our range of services. Although DORIS started out as a workplace research firm, we now offer four distinct services; Workplace Assessment and Research.

We can guide an organization from its first thoughts about changing the workplace, all the way through communicating the changes happening, working with employees to establish the best ways to use the new workplace, and assessing the success of the final result. In all of our services, we stay committed to the empathetic, people-centered tenets that DORIS was founded on.

The Original Doris

DORIS is an acronym, Design Oriented Research for Impactful Solutions, but there is also a face behind the letters: Doris Soderston, Sam’s grandmother. The legendary Doris lived to the ripe old age of ninety-eight. Her spirit of ingenuity, positivity, and “get it done”-ness informed and inspired the vision of DORIS Research, and continues to inspire us today.