Life's too Short for Bad Workplaces
Let's face it: 40+ hours a week is a lot of time to spend anywhere, let alone a work environment that, well, sucks. We've come a long way in our workplaces (hello, Industrial Revolution!), but that doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels. We love what we do (and where we do it) because we get to help other people love what they do (or at least where they do it).

Our Mission

To help the doers do better.

Our Vision

To help the people who matter be heard.

Our Values

Lead with Listening

Hungry yet Fed

Intellect and Wit

Ambiguity and Grit

Retention begins with attention.
Put your people at the center fo the problem-solving activities that improve their workplace and their satisfaction.
Stop wasting your real estate.
Empower your team to optimize their workplace and maximize their work.
Action through knowledge. Results through research.
Know what’s really going on with your people and your workplace so you can make informed decisions.
Make your workplace work.
Turn your space into a driver of business and culture while improving your team’s performance and morale.
Beyond best practices.
Stand apart from your competitors with an innovative approach to workplace changes that puts your client’s team at the center of the process.
Form meets function.
Ensure your client’s workplace is as effective as it is beautiful with a deep dive into the needs, concerns and ideas of the people who will use it most.
Make it easy(er).
Alleviate client indecision throughout the design process with our people-centered approach that puts their team’s needs first and helps them make smart decisions.
Our Project Stats
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